A day in the life

ugh gotta get up I didn’t sleep very well again should I shower when did I last shower I think I’ll be okay without a shower I’m running late again why can’t I find my keys I’ve literally run back and forth three times to get my water bottle and not grabbed my water bottle why can’t I keep anything straight ugh this idiot on the road get out of my way dude remember that time I had that car accident or that other time if that ever happens again I’m totally screwed I’d probably never drive again and then I’d have to quit my job then what would I do move it you absolute knob I hate people should I go to the morning meeting I probably should but I’m a few minutes late and people always comment when I’m late you’d think I’d be more on time but some mornings I just can’t oh I’m sitting by the phone please don’t ring please don’t ring oh they’re praying now please don’t ask me to pray do I have any prayer requests I feel like I should but what’s an appropriate amount to share in my office drinking some coffee I wish I could focus on one thing at a time instead of flipping between three different things and never actually getting anything done why aren’t I a better employee I wonder if I’m annoying her by texting about this maybe she’s busy it’s lunch time make sure you don’t talk too much kirsten oh no you’re talking you’re ranting stop kirsten ugh people are probably inwardly rolling their eyes oh my goodness they’re so annoyed by me why am I like this but she did just ask you a question oh they laughed okay it can’t be that bad then but why are you always talking so much it’s okay kirsten they like you but maybe next time don’t talk so much and try not to spill all your secrets and bitterness no one likes a bitter old lady why can’t I focus I have 100 things to do but I’m not doing it so let’s just look back through old pictures remember all those fun times with people I don’t talk to anymore I’m really not good at keeping in touch with people why don’t I keep friends why do they all go away okay let’s try to work be a good employee man time is going so slowly home time what should I eat for supper should I go to the gym I should go to the gym I haven’t been to the gym in ages like an idiot I look gross and I should go to the gym but I’m so tired okay I’ll skip the gym but I’ll for sure go tomorrow if I’m not being so lazy my phone is buzzing too much I want to throw it out the window I just can’t deal shut up stop I should do some chores my room is a mess and the litter boxes need doing but oh just one more episode I’m really tired you know there will always be time to clean my room but people kind of judge me for my messiness I wonder if it’s okay to be messy I wonder if my messiness makes me less attractive am I a bad adult why can’t I get my shit together why hasn’t he called am I being too needy if I call I just want to know how his day was and hear his voice but he’s probably busy I don’t want to be annoying I didn’t get around to doing anything I will try again tomorrow I’m really really tired but let’s take a minute and think about all the terrible things that have ever or could ever happen I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep it sucks when I can’t sleep ugh it’s so late why can’t I just


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