Hope for Now

How can I instill such hope, but be left with none of my own?

What if I could sing just one song and it might save somebody’s life?

Then I would sing all that I could sing

Cause that is when, when I feel that I’m not just counting time.

“Hope for Now” – City & Colour


I tell people sometimes that I’m leaving. I’m moving to Jupiter. It started as a joke because where else can I actually flee to escape this world? All this chaos?

Yesterday in a training session, the speaker said that we see more information in a week than our grandparents saw in a year. I can’t say for sure if that’s true nor do I have a source for that, but it seems like it could be true, right? Every morning we are bombarded with news: the big, scary, awful news. Good news is boring. We get a whole lot of the bad. Constantly.

It’s so easy to look at this world and think, “What hope is there for us?” When everything is doom and gloom, how are we supposed to keep trudging forward?

Because there is good in the world. It’s there. Sometimes, you have to look really hard but it’s there.

It’s there in the warmer days after a cold snap that made you think winter was upon us too early.

It’s there in late Saturdays and lazy Sundays spent with the people you love.

It’s there in getting your nails done or having a bubble bath.

It’s there in the tiny humans exploring their world for the first time.

It’s there in the hug of a friend.

It’s there in the grief, the uncertainty, and the fear.

It’s there in a community of people, some who have met and some who have not, that rallies around a family in the midst of crisis.

It’s there in the conversation with a friend when you say, “I’m not sure I can do this anymore,” and they say: “I’ll help you.”

It’s there in the people around the globe rising above circumstance to fight for a better future.

Oh, my broken hearted, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed friend, it is there. I see it in you.

When I feel helpless or hopeless I always listen to “Hope for Now” by City & Colour. I’ve written about it before on other blogs I’ve had because when I’m feeling my most hopeless I wonder: What is the point? Why do I write? Why does it matter?


What if I could sing just one song and it might save somebody’s life?Then I would sing, all that I could sing.

So tell your messed up, overwhelming, “I have no idea what I’m going to do” story because you never know how it might help someone else. But don’t lose hope. Find it in whatever things make your heart smile.

Find it in you. It’s there.

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