To my fellow Millenials

I’m not even sure what a Millenial is. Am I one? When I say Millenials, I mean people in that 20-30ish range, the ones who are always trying to get their, uh, stuff together.

It’s hard.

Like really hard.

I feel like I’m constantly balancing this need (desire?) to make the most of my young life. You know, YOLO and all that. Live an Instagram-worthy life. Be happy, young, and free or whatever.

Do all that without going into crippling debt and while wrestling with all the huge decisions you have to make that could impact your future in big ways.

It’s hard. Maybe this hopelessness I’m feeling is silly because so many people have gotten through their twenties and done alright. Our parents did it. Our grandparents did it. Everyone figured it out.

But I feel so hopeless when I barely have enough money to put food in my (and my cat’s) mouth or my card gets declined putting gas in my car.

I never wanted to be someone who worried so much about money, but I’m starting to think about the future. I’m starting to think about houses and weddings and families, but it’s so hard to get ahead.

I know that my own choices are to blame, absolutely. But even when I get excited to get my uh, stuff together, something comes up that just kinda takes the wind out of my sails.

I could be making more money, but my heart is where my job is right now, so I would never want to leave, not even to make more money.

It’s hard trying to figure out the kind of person you’re going to be when sometimes people say not very nice things about our age group. We’re forgetting how to have a conversation. We’re too concerned about our phones and our image. Millenials this, Millenials that. Some of these are valid concerns, but I see a lot of good in us as well. Really. We can’t change the world overnight, but man, many of us are going to try.

But we’re also going to school or finishing school and we’re drowning in debt. We’re trying to be a good friend when people let us down and navigating a dating pool that is just messy and painful (more on that someday – but I’m so glad to be out of that).

I don’t really like writing about the hard times, even though it’s something I do often. It just feels like whining. I like to write about inspiring things. But I figured if I’m feeling so hopeless, maybe other people like me are too.

So if you’re struggling, if you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of responsibility and being young, I guess somehow it’ll be okay. It has to, right? I’ll get there eventually, and you will too. I suppose it’s all part of learning and quote-unquote growing up.

I’m just kind of over the whole “pretending to have it all together” thing. I don’t. Here’s a little secret: no one really does. So whatever is making you feel hopeless, whether it’s life decisions or finances or toxic relationships, find ways to move yourself in a better direction, a direction you can feel better about.

For me, I know I need to watch my spending and focus on paying off my debts and making sure I have quality food to eat and gas in my car. My bank account may be low sometimes, but I’m rich in other ways. My friendships don’t have a monthly bill. Cat cuddles are always free. Pokemon Go is pretty much free and gets me outside.

Whatever it is that’s making you feel hopeless, you’ll figure it out. It may not be easy and it may not be a one-thing-fixes-all, but it’ll all be okay, okay?

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